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WORKSHOPS - general information


Dance maker and visual artist Aafke de Jong offers a variety of workshops that focus on 'looking'.  Looking at our surroundings, or, for example, looking at any ordinary (yet not so ordinary?) object or a specific work of art, handpicked by Aafke for the workshop. Each workshop dives into a specific way of looking. The main intention is to start looking with more attention.

You'll be surprised at what you see! 

Aafke has a degree in Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS*), and uses this as a starting point to start a dialogue about 'what you see'.

Having fun by feeling 'in the moment' and sharing with others

Besides this there is always a more active and practical part in the workshops in which you can pick up your pencil or start moving your body and start exploring some basic principles of visual art in general, like 'space', 'line', 'composition' etcetera.

The focus is never on the end product, but always on the experience of having fun by being 'in the moment' and performing the act of drawing or moving yourself.  Therefor the workshops are very accessible for anybody who has a desire to look further and enjoy sharing this process with others.

The workshops are a combination of fun, exiting and perhaps even surprising tasks. Sharing thoughts about what you see is encouraged in a safe surrounding and by doing so we open up our senses in an inspiring way. After all sharing thoughts with others will add to the fun and we can also learn from each other.


Dance & draw!

Aafke is also a choreographer. She has designed some workshops in which she combines dance/movement and drawing and for example architecture, in which the common denominator is 'line'. You are invited to experience these principles in your own body and by looking at 'the body' in space.

No previous experience needed

Dancers, art lovers, teachers, or anybody who feels interested is welcome to join! No previous experience is needed.

Example of a line drawing

Does it matter where you stand in space?


looking at art & basic drawing principles


slow looking & drawing nature


taking a line for a walk

By practicing some basic guide lines, which are almost the same in every art form, be it dance or for example drawing, a new world may reveal itself to you.

After a workshop the world – your world - will look different!


More info

If you are interested, please feel free to ask Aafke a question or learn more about the specific workshops by clicking the links concerned on the right side of this page.


Dates will be available soon!


Also available in combination with mindfulness

It is also possible to follow this workshop in combination with a mindfulness session to enjoy the feeling of 'being in the moment' even more. These sessions are guided by Henrice Vonck and are full day workshops, including a healthy vegan lunch.

*You can learn more about VTS on this website.