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Workshop Dance ' Draw @ Museum Arnhem - AFK Away From Keyboard Aafke de Jong

picture by Steef Barneveld Binkhuysen, many thanks to Museum


AFK has developed some inspirational workshops on visual art, dance and nature (or a combination) to discover our surroundings, ourselves and each other . . . together!


They are open to anyone. Just bring your passion and curiosity!

How can looking, hearing, tasting, listening with more care and attention inspire us in our day to day life? Perhaps we’ll discover a new world? Or perhaps it’s just the same old world, but we look at it differently?

Process driven our engaging workshops help you to move away from linear, goal oriented thinking into true creativity.

The workshops are accessible to anyone and inspiring for those who have a desire to look at life in fresh ways and enjoy the growth that comes from sharing this process with others.

With fun and exiting tasks the workshops take you into the creative process as you have never experienced it. Sharing thoughts about what you see is fundamental and encouraged in a safe surrounding and by doing so we open up our senses in an inspiring way. 

We at AFK love exploring the creative process that is to be found in the 'birth' of any work of art and we get ever so exited by sharing our thoughts about it with others! AFK also likes challenging you to 'join the dots' between art and our thoughts by exploiting overal art concepts like time, space, structure, line etc.

Our teachers' warmth and gentleness create an inviting environment for all who wish to join: art lovers, dancers and artists (professional and amateur alike), teachers, in short: anyone who feels called to deepen their creative process is welcome to join! 


AFK's workshops can be situated in museums, gardens, galleries, homes or other places where people can gather together. We also feel happy to come to your location.


More info

If you are interested, please feel free to ask Aafke your question(s) by e-mail (see top right) or learn more about the specific workshops by clicking the links in the scroll down menu in the top bar.

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