ITCH is a two-piece project of dance maker Aafke de Jong which consists of ITCH I en ITCH II.

ITCH I are two short dance films and ITCH II is a live performance in which video is used in not only as background for the performance, but also an antagonist of the dancer.


ITCH I (dance film):

​The 1-minute version of the film ITCH was elected in 2009 as one of the winners of the One Minute Dance Film Contest of the Nederlandse Dansdagen (Dutch Dance Days).

The longer, more story telling version of 4 minutes (see video page) was nominated for the online SideBySide Festival (Düsseldorf, 2010) and was also played in Athens (Greece) during International Digital Arts Festival in 2011.

For this nomination Aafke, together with four other international artists from South Korea, Great Britain, Germany and Brazil) was invited to come to Düsseldorf to tell about the creation of their films. Also she showed a short performance in which she talked about the way she uses elements of Balinese dance in her own contemporary pieces.


 short dance film  

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Jaap Berends made a soundtrack using a.o. digital gamelan samples.

ITCH I is about what we share with the world outside and what we prefer to keep for ourselves. This choice sometimes creates an unpleasant ‘itchy’ feeling inside. When this itchy feeling clears it’s way to the surface and starts to ulcerate, we can no longer guarantee our actions.

In ITCH I this ‘itchy feeling’ is being expressed in a virtual duet between dancer Jason Gwen (born in Vietnam, but largely grown up in The Netherlands) and video images, that seem to control him. Not being able to choose between his own needs and desires and those of the world outside – society, family, religion and culture – he is being engulfed by his own desperation. 

Concept & choreography Aafke de Jong 

Dance Jason Gwen 

Video Erwin van Deutekom 

Sound design Jaap Berends

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