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You can also contact Aafke when you need an eye catching cover for your book.

Aafke loves to play with letters, but also minimalistic line drawings, linocuts or colorful designs can portray your story in an attractive way.


Together we discuss the essence of your book and set out the main focus. Aafke then comes up with

a minimum of three trials from where we continue our search for the design you think fits best for

your work, be it poetry, literature or non-fiction.

Aafke also makes other types of visual art.

On these pages you can check out her drawings

and murals.

Book cover Slow Coffee Poet - Jeroen de Wal - by Aafke de Jong

Book cover for the short story album

'Slow Coffee Poet' by Jeroen de Wal.

Book cover design: Aafke de Jong

all works by © Aafke de Jong

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