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WORKSHOP POSTPONED until further notice !!


Due to the current situation around the corona virus this workshop which was originally planned on April 19th 2020 will be postponed.


We are very sorry for the inconvenience!

New date wil be announced once we know more

@ Centrum voor Mindfulness Amsterdam

Schermafbeelding 2020-02-28 om 09.57.49.

How to subscribe

You can look for more information or subscribe here or by going to the website of Centrum voor Mindfulness.

The workshop is open for everyone! All that is needed is an open mind. No previous experience in drawing or any art form is required.

Language: English and Dutch

In the series Mindfulness en kunst (Mindfulness and art) at the Centre voor Mindfulness in Amsterdam Aafke will give a workshop Mindful looking & drawing, together with musician and mindfulness trainer Henrice Vonck.

Starting from VTS (Visual Thinking Strategies) together we'll take a closer look at some pre-selected art works.

From there you can take a piece of paper and pen and give it a try yourself!


Perhaps we can even take things a bit further and experience the concepts of 'line' and 'space' in your own body.

By learning some basic drawing and composition skills, you will

discover another way of looking and the world somehow will seem richer afterwards : ).

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