Welcome to AFK's wall art / mural page.

Nature is Aafke's main theme, but also other subjects are possible. Often there are a lot of details in these paintings.

It requires some time and patience to make a large scale mural, but Aafke loves the feeling of disappearing into another world.

It puts her mind elsewhere. . . 

If you wish to have a painting for your company or house,

large or small (even tiny, perhaps as a present to a friend or loved one), on your wall, floor, car or on (almost ; ) any other imaginable place, feel free to contact Aafke.

To check out Aafke's other drawings, please visit this page

Aafke de Jong - muurschilderingen-murals-wall paintings.jpg

The whale

aafke de jong - muurschildering - mural - walvis3_edited.jpg
aafke de jong - muurschildering - mural - walvis4_edited.jpg
aafke de jong - muurschildering - mural - walvis6_edited.jpg
Mural-wall art-aafke-de-jong3_edited.jpg

Work in progress at a dental practice in The Hague / Den Haag, The Netherlands, July 2021

Final stage: the signing

Metamorphosis - Aafke de Jong


Forest bird

Aafke de Jong - Forest in moose in forest.jpg

Moose in forest in moose

all works by © Aafke de Jong