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 performance for children and perhaps a few lost adults  


Vodje (meaning in Dutch: a rag, a worn out piece of cloth) is a performance for children and childlike adults and tries to deal with all kinds of useless things and a whole lot of nonsense during the quest for something real. ​


In the window of fashion designer IrvinX Couture in the fashion quarter in the city of Arnhem, strange things are happening. Or perhaps quite ordinary things? For sure remarkable things!

Puppeteer Ewout de Ruiter (Theater De Bolle Kater) cleverly manipulates both the dancer and the paper dress she is in love with. Aafke asked fashion designer Irving Vorster to design a paper dress. During the making, the dress got the desire to take on a life of its own . . .

On the other side of the glass musicians/composers Jaap Berends (double bass and vibraphone) and Tjerk van der Ham (self made mini-piano and vibrandoneon) play away cheerfully on their instruments.​

Concept, choreography & stage setting Aafke de Jong 

Dance Eilit Marom 

Puppetry Ewout de Ruiter 

Music Jaap Berends en Tjerk van der Ham  

Design paper dress Irving Vorster (IrvinX Couture Arnhem)

Poster Vodje - AFK Away From Keyboard Aafke de Jong
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