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Come on a visual journey using VTS* (Visual Thinking Strategies) as a starting point. From there AFK invites you to a dialogue about what each individual perceives in an artwork. All individuals brings their own background in what they see in a piece of art. Listening to the opinion of others will transform the way you see things.

You decide where it goes from there!

By thinking out loud and, foremost, sharing your thoughts about what you see on the preselected artworks with the other participants, you’ll stimulate your creative thinking and enlarge the feeling of being ‘in the moment’. Looking at art in a non-judgmental way can broaden the feeling of being connected with yourself, your surroundings and with each other.


After this you are invited to pick up paper and pencil yourself and try out some basis art skills, like composition, contract, line and contour. You'll learn that you can grab these basics just by performing some simple tasks. The experience itself will teach you! Looking at art with more than average care and attention will bring you ‘in the moment’ and teach you to look in a refreshing way.

*We are VTS certified (VTS = Visual Thinking Strategies), a method specially developed to learn to look at art with more attention and to exchange ideas about it together. AFK has further developed its own method from this.

pictures by Aafke de Jong and Steef Barneveld Binkhuysen


Many thanks to:

Depot Boijmans van Beuningen - Rotterdam

Museum Beelden aan Zee - Den Haag 

No previous experience in drawing or any art form is required for this workshop. The workshop is open to anyone, from artists to art lovers, teachers and people who just simply want to challenge themselves by trying something new. 


The workshop 'Looking at Art & Basic Drawing Principles' can be situated in museums, gardens, galleries, homes or other places where people can gather together. We are also happy to come to your location.

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If you are interested, please feel free to ask us your question(s) by e-mail (see top right) or learn more about the specific workshops by clicking the links in the scroll down menu in the top bar.

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