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Visual artist and choreographer Aafke de Jong takes you by the hand by exploring the basics of art in general. She uses Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS*) to start a dialogue, but giving it her own twist.

You decide where it goes from there!

By thinking out loud and, foremost, sharing your thoughts about ‘what you see’ on the preselected artworks with the other participants, you’ll stimulate your creative thinking and enlarge the feeling of being ‘in the moment’. Looking at art in a non-judgemental way can broaden the feeling of being connected with yourself, your surroundings and with each other.


Practical part - the experience counts, not the results

You also may want to pick up paper and pencil yourself and try out some basis art skills, like composition, form, light, contrast etcetera. You'll learn that you can grab these basics just by performing some simple,

yet fun and exiting tasks.

What counts is the experience itself. The results are not important!


If you think it could be nice to feel more aware and feel more ‘in the moment’ and learn to look in a different, refreshing way, perhaps following this workshop is just something for you!


Extra: combined with a mindfulness session

It is also possible to follow this workshop in combination with a mindfulness session, guided by Henrice Vonck. A healthy vegan meal and drinks are waiting for you.


You can ask for more information or subscribe here (sorry, more information and dates will follow soon!).


No previous experience in dance or drawing or any art form is required for this workshop!

By going to this website you'll learn more about VTS.