Come on a visual journey using VTS (Visual Thinking Strategies).

Aafke takes you into a dialogue, in small groups, about what each individual perceives in an artwork to transform the way you see things.


You decide where it goes from there!


By thinking out loud and, foremost, sharing your thoughts about ‘what you see’ on the preselected artworks with the other participants, you’ll stimulate your creative thinking and enlarge the feeling of being ‘in the moment’. Looking at art in a non-judgmental way can broaden the feeling of being connected with yourself, your surroundings and with each other.


After this you’ll be invited to pick up paper and pencil yourself and try out some basis art skills. You'll learn that you can grab these basics just by performing some simple tasks. The experience itself will teach you!


Slow Looking will bring you ‘in the moment’ and teach you to look in a refreshing way.

No previous experience in drawing or any art form is required for this workshop! The workshops are open to anyone, from artists to art lovers, teachers or people who just simply want to challenge themselves by trying something new. 

Full-day option: combined with a mindfulness session!

It is also possible to follow this workshop in combination with a mindfulness session, guided by Henrice Vonck

A healthy (vegan) meal and drinks are waiting for you during this full-day workshop!


Limited places. You can ask for more information by e-mailing Aafke.

Dates, location and prices will follow soon!

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