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Looking and feeling nature

In case of good weather we’ll take a walk in the forest, inhale some fresh air and collect some examples (leafs, bits of bark etc.) to take a look at from close by. In case of less good weather Aafke will gather some bit’s of nature for you. take a good look at it, feel it, smell it...

Does it make a sound? Can you eat it?


What happens when we look at our natural environment for a longer period of time and with more attention? And sharing our thoughts about it with others?

By guiding our attention towards a specific object and by zooming in we’ll recognize patterns and we start seeing connections which we normally don’t see in our day to day life.


Visual artist and choreographer Aafke de Jong invites you on this journey. She wants to share with you how to look more intensive and to wonder yourself by giving you a range of nice and stimulating tasks for your senses. In this way you’ll really start to feel “in the moment”, thinking of nothing else.


Practical part - the experience matters, not the results!

After this grab a pencil, pen or brush and piece of paper and give it a try yourself.  You'll learn that you can apprehend these basics instantly, just

by performing some simple, yet fun and exiting tasks.

What counts is the experience of looking and acting with all your senses. The results are not important.

Slow Looking might enrich your view and broaden your way of thinking.

By zooming and tuning in you’ll be surprised what more there is to see and to discover!

Want to have fun in a relaxed way, exchange ideas with each other, get inspired and try something new? Then joining this workshop might just

be what you are looking for!


Extra: combined with a mindfulness session

It is also possible to follow this workshop in combination with a mindfulness session, guided by Henrice Vonck. A healthy vegan meal and drinks are waiting for you.



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Sorry, dates will follow soon!


No previous experience in dance or drawing or any other type of art is required for this workshop!