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Dance (or movement in general) and drawing have more in common than one would perhaps think. The overal concept is trying to find the most essential 'line'.


But there is more to it. Choreographer and visual artist Aafke de Jong shows you that elements like space, time, flow, rhythm, composition, shape, contrast, line, structure, weight, tone and of course imagination unite art forms like dance, painting, architecture, literature and music.

As a matter of fact, in De Jong’s opinion all art forms are expressions of the same 'thing'.

Questions we ask ourselves during this workshop are for example: ‘How can we suggest movement on a piece of paper?’, ‘Can we draw with our body in space?’ and 'What is the essential line of an object, pose or gesture?'

From a piece of paper into your own body . . . into space!

By using fun and stimulating tasks in which the concept of ‘line’ is central, we start moving and drawing, together or individually. Slowly we’ll explore artist Paul Klee’s concept of ‘taking a line for a walk’ and taking it even a bit further...literally! 


Wanna have fun in a relaxed way, exchange ideas, get inspired and try something new?


Extra: combined with a mindfulness session!

It is also possible to follow this workshop in combination with a mindfulness session, guided by Henrice Vonck. A healthy vegan meal and drinks are waiting for you.



You can ask for more information or subscribe here (sorry, more information and dates will follow soon!).


No previous experience in dance or drawing or any art form is required for this workshop!