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'Does it matter where we are in space?'

Many thanks to:

Münchner Stadtmuseum - München

Depot Boijmans van Beuningen - Rotterdam

Kunstmuseum - Den Haag

Cloud / DanceLab - Den Haag

Museum Arnhem (museumtuin) - Arnhem

and of course to the artists, dead of alive!

pictures by Steef Barneveld Binkhuysen

'Dancing is drawing in space and drawing is dancing on a piece of paper.'

What do dance and drawing have in common?

Isn't it all about discovering the essence, weather of a shape or of a movement . . . and isn't it al about space and how we use it, be it a blanc piece of paper or any physical space like a house, a supermarket, a theatre, a street . . . !?


The teachers of AFK will demonstrate that qualities like space, time, flow, rhythm, imagination etc. unite art forms like dance, painting, architecture and music. AFK believes all art forms are in fact expressions of the same 'thing’!


Taking a line for a walk

From a piece of paper into your own body . . . into space! By using fun and stimulating tasks in which the concept of ‘line’ is essential, we start moving and drawing, together or individually. Slowly we’ll explore artist Paul Klee’s concept of ‘taking a line for a walk’ and taking it even a bit further . . . literally! 

We will make e.g. several (line and shape) drawings and a short movement video.

The workshop is open to anyone who is open to a new experience. No previous experience in dance or drawing or any art form is required for this workshop!


The workshop 'Dance 'n Draw!' can be situated in museums, gardens, galleries, homes or other places where people can gather together. We can also come to your location.

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If you are interested, please feel free to ask us your question(s) by e-mail (see top right) or learn more about the specific workshops by clicking the links in the scroll down menu in the top bar.

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