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AFK Away From Keyboard is the company of choreographer and visual artist Aafke de Jong (NL).


Aafke always had a hunger and curiosity for different kind of art forms and as a young adult it was difficult to choose between going to art school to become a graphic artist or to devote herself to a dance career. Also in her theatrical 

dance performances she always aims towards an equal partnership between movement, stage design and other art forms, such as music, poetry, video art and costume design. Through this collaboration they try to reinvent themselves.

Also other components may find their way into her work. Water becomes a dancing partner, a floor made out of clay functions as a stage and a self made musical instrument, or even food, might serve as a costume.

All these different elements need and complement each other to tell their own version of the same 'story'. And to 'renew' each other. As individuals we tend to look at the same situation from our own perspective. We all do have our own truth. The beauty, but also the bitterness that make up this truth, make the story a whole.

AFK often collaborates with other artists and performers from the Netherlands and abroad. Each participant brings in their specific art form and cultural background to converse with each other in this dialogue. This gives the audience something to connect with on may levels. 

Performances may take place in traditional theaters as well as alternative surroundings. Sometimes a production is site specific and takes the core of the location, be it a forest lake, beach side, shop window or railway station, as starting point. 

Viewers are often invited to actively participate in (parts of) a performance. Through this, AFK wishes to create a closer relationship with the audience and deeper sense of involvement with the work and the artists.

AFK welcomes you to explore this process with us!

Here you can learn more about AFK Away From Keyboard, Aafke's motivation and background as well as her collaborations. 

Schermafbeelding 2018-11-04 om 09.53.50.
Rehearsal Gong 2018 Iwan Gunawan-Aafke d
_MG_6563-bewerkt (2).jpg
Aafke de Jong - drawing the
ITCH dansfilm
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