Eitulovni is a location performance in and around a forest lake, created especially for the first edition of the Into The Great Wide Open Festival on Vlieland (2009), a small island in the north of Holland.

A wooden forest cabin covered in the poetry of Dutch writer Slauerhoff (himself born and raised on the island), gently spreading it's words about a time when words did not even exist yet.

Old words slowly emerging from the bottom of the lake. The sisters just go, without hesitation, without withdrawal symptoms, without culture shock. Without feeling homesick. Just because they have to.

During a sung and partly swum duet on the border of land and water, two sisters (Aafke and Hanneke de Jong are sisters in real life) accept the water as their only escape. The islands in the north of Holland (a protected area known as the ‘Waddeneilanden’) slowly but surely are being claimed back by the rising water. Their only chance to survive is to surrender.

Concept Aafke de Jong / Hanneke de Jong

Choreography/dance/swimming Aafke de Jong

Music/singing Hanneke de Jong

Poetry J.J. Slauerhoff

Stage setting advice Jonas de Witte

Sound engineering Rinus Aarts


 dance, live music, poetry and visual art  

 in a forest lake  

A vague memory, evoked by the call of the siren, seduces the sisters to go into the water, to once and for all return to where they came from a long, long time ago. The process of inversion has begun. The involution (hence the inverted title that comes from the Dutch word involutie) of mankind on earth. From bipod to amphibian and from amphibian to fish. Or perhaps even further back. Until a line of division is no longer visible between land and water and between themselves and the world.

When normally it is not good to look back for too long, for the sisters this seems the only chance for having a future.

Eitulovni is an inverted performance about the fear for the future of our natural environment. Perhaps nature is capable to take back what it deserves?

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