ITCH is a two-piece project of dance maker Aafke de Jong. Is consists of ITCH I en ITCH II.

ITCH I consists of two short dance films and ITCH II is a live performance in which video is used not only as background for the performance, but also an antagonist of the dancer.

ITCH II (live performance):

​In ITCH II projected video images are forming a duet of seduction, irritation and struggle with the dancer. The video images resemble the encapsulated human being, who often makes decisions that he or she in fact does not agree with, perhaps bound by shame or fear or by pressure from our social environment.

The culture that we are part of or even the idea that we have about ourselves again and again cause us to be in constant conflict with ourselves.


ITCH II premiered in October 2010 during the Dansweek Gelderland in the Schouwburg Arnhem and was since then showed a.o. during I Like To Watch Too (Julidans/Paradiso), Lantaren/Het Venster (Rotterdam), Bijlmerpark Theater (Multiple Moves meets Julidans), Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam (Rotterdam Dance Capital), Nijmeegse Kunstnacht (Gallerie Bart Kunst in Huis), Festival De Oversteek (Nijmegen), PindaKAAS Festival (Tilburg)


 live performance with video  

Concept, stage setting, costume design Aafke de Jong

Choreography Aafke de Jong in cooperation

with Jason Gwen

Video Erwin van Deutekom

Dance Jason Gwen 

Music Tjerk van der Ham (KaasKwartet)  Sounddesign Jaap Berends 

Costume making Marloes van Andel

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