a solo on a square meter of clay  

Read my body

On the hypnotic music of Steve Reich’s Electric Guitar Phase (original: Violin Phase), that clearly carries influences of Indonesian gamelan music, Aafke takes you on a fifteen-minute trip through the brain via the body.

Mingling her two main cardinal points - western modern/contemporary dance and Indonesian dance forms – she imagines a world where people from different cultural backgrounds (but also people in general) can understand each other better if they were able to read each others body - and through the body the mind - in a more thorough way.

Without the body where would our brain be?

Since long we have a desire to figure out what our thoughts are, how they occur and where they take place. How do they mix with our imagination and our senses and how do they relate to our body?

Recent research in the field of 'embodied cognition' shows us that the process of thinking does not solely take place in our brain. Cognitive scientists like Golonka and Wilson believe that 'behind our thoughts lies an ecosystem-like model' ... 'where thoughts occur not only in the brain, but in a tangled communication among brain, body and environment'. *

I am, therefor I think

'French philosopher René Descartes once said, cogito ergo sum: I think, therefore I am. The embodied cognition model suggests a slightly different philosophy — I am, therefore I think.'*

*excerpts from Discover Magazine

Concept & choreography

Aafke de Jong


Steve Reich

​This partly improvised solo was performed amongst others in ‘Gallery BOSCH’ and Café Vrijdag in Arnhem in 2011.

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