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Seeing your world reflected in a few strokes of paint

We all have the ability to make sense of images, such as news photos and works of art. However, how we look and what we see in it is very personal. It tells us a lot about ourselves. Looking is subjective. For example, how you interpret a work of art says a lot about our upbringing, our education, the social environment in which we operate, our character and the experiences we have had during our lives. ​

The abundance of images in today's society means that we prefer to quickly 'scroll' through the photos in a news article. Because we do not want to feel that we are missing out on something, we 'scan' a painting in a museum in a few seconds, to then quickly move on to the next work of art. But aren't we missing a lot in this way? ​


In the workshop 'Art Dialogues' we really take the time to look at a work of art more closely. Partly inspired by the way of looking, for example in the Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS)*  we discuss a number of works of art in groups and in pairs. Through a number of light-footed and playful assignments, but also through some more reflective questions, we slowly but surely dive deeper into the artwork and a new story emerges. Your story! What does the artwork say about you? Is there a link to today's society? In what way does it make you think? How does the artist manages to achieve this within you? Does it raise any other questions?

Participants share what they see in a painting during the

workshop 'Art Dialogues'

'It is not what we

 look at that matters,

 it is what we see'

Henry David Thoreau

Workshop Art Dialogues @ Museum Beelden aan Zee - AFK Away From Keyboard Aafke de Jong

When you are open to the stories of others, there is room for a more substantive dialogue. In this way we discover together the added value of sharing stories and we can gain more understanding for each other's points of view. Art arouses curiosity and sharpens our senses. It opens the door to our imagination. 'Art Dialogues' appeals to the creative aspect in ourselves. There is always more possible than we initially thought. ​ 


'Art Dialogues' can take place at a location chosen by you, or in a museum, gallery, sculpture park, roof garden or other conceivable place in the Netherlands.


Depending on the wishes of the participants, the workshop can vary between 2.5 hours and 4 hours



You can request other information or the costs for a workshop by sending an e-mail to Aafke de Jong: or call: 06 142 69 434 ​ ​


Click here for information about our other workshops or scroll through the website for a broader picture of AFK.

*We are VTS certified (VTS = Visual Thinking Strategies). VTS is a method specially developed to learn to look at art with more attention and to exchange ideas about it together. AFK has further developed its own method from this.

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