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Seeing your world reflected in a few strokes of paint

Art is pre-eminently the means to explore your own world view, but also it can also help you to free yourself from fixed thinking patterns. 'Art Dialogues' opens the door to your imagination, to another universe with different perspectives.


Art can overwhelm you. Sometimes we have to cross a threshold. That is why we do 'Art Dialogues' together, just as the name suggests. We all have the ability to find meaning in images. However, everyone perceives the same thing in a different way, depending for example on our upbringing, education, social environment, personality and life experience.

The 'Art Dialogues' training allows participants from all backgrounds to look beyond first sight judgements, to look more attentively. Because you share your thoughts with others, art arouses curiosity, sharpens your senses and can offer a window to reflect on ourselves and the world around us. This allows us to connect more with each other, with society and with nature.

Participants analyzing a statue at Museum Beelden aan Zee,

The Hague/Den Haag/Scheveningen

From the outside in and from the inside out

Inspired by the so called Visual Thinking Strategies* we name out loud what we see in some pre-selected art works. While freely associating and exchanging ideas about it, we take a look into each other's world. This allows us to learn from and about each other. What does the artwork say about yourself? About the others in the room? Do you see a relationship with our current society? Does it raise a certain expectation? Do you wonder? And what can looking at art add to the quality of your day to day life?

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Participants share what they see in a painting during the workshop 'Art Dialogues'

'It is not what we

 look at that matters,

 it is what we see'

Henry David Thoreau

Creativity is in all of us

Through these and other questions we enter into a dialogue with various works of art. And through these works of art with each other. With a number of light-hearted and playful, but also somewhat more reflective assignments (individually and in small groups) we appeal to the creative aspect in ourselves. We explore our environment and learn to look at it in a new way.

The workshop

The workshop Art Dialogues come in two different versions. During the longer version we conclude with creating an art piece together through a ritual by using an object from your own home.


The workshop 'Art Dialogues' can be situated in museums, gardens, galleries, homes or other places where people can gather together, all around the country. We can also come to your location.


Workshops usually last between 2,5 - 4 hours, but we can adjust the duration to the wishes of your group.

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More info

If you are interested, please feel free to ask us your question(s) by e-mail (see top right) or learn more about the specific workshops by clicking the links in the scroll down menu in the top bar.

*We are VTS-certified

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